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Urgent…. Newsflash… Topdog addreses sapawters….

Hi fellow animal lovers and Stifontein animal shelter supporters…. Day four of the lockdown is over… and we…at the shelter with the Big Heart have the doggies all to ourselves…they all think the shutdown is great fun…Shelter Mommy and the staff are giving them all so much love…treats and extra play time…but we have to constantly remind them that the main reason that they have a roof over their heads…and full tummies at because...

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LOCKDOWN DAY 11 – 6 April 2020: – Hard to stay Positive

As hard as we try to stay positive, depression and worry still creeps in. Our current status is as follow: All fundraisers came to a stand still:Vet’s account high:Over 100 dogs in our care that needs us: Over 80 cats…. 4 horses and 2 donkeys: 4 personell on lockdown at shelter: People that put their hope in us to save their animals:Almost no funds to bargain on: We have no words anymore, no light at the end of the tunnel, if and when this thing is over will we still...

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Basil – Rescued from Tonteldoos passed on last night

Note…to all out Animal friends and supporters of the shelter with the BIG HEART…. Our dearest boy Basil who we rescued from a life of misery lost his life to Billary last night… We did our best… We prayed so hard… But God had other plans.. Thank you all for all the prayers for this boy…he will suffer no more… Run free Basil….gone …but not forgotten… Our lives have to carry on for the living in these turbulant times.. Much love...

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Covid-19: Day 2 Lockdown

Life has to go on. We try and keep things as normal at the shelter as we possibly can. We do call outs, we help animals in distress, we are on the premises 24/7 for anything that might come our way. The most difficult thing to do is keeping our people positive which in itself is a daunting task because we don’t know what tomorrow might bring, but like the song says: WE WILL SURVIVE! If you can donate anything to make the stay at the shelter easier please do so, we are in urgent...

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